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SINCE 22 JUNE 2009:)
hey gorgeous SHOPPERS. WELCOME to OUR blogSHOP
REDLYME hopes to bring all chic yet affordable apparels!
Well, WE hope you can find something that interests you. Have fun! (:
LoVE, ♥ KaNdIez ♥ & ♥ caN'D'l0litA ♥


b>1. Kindly email us (redlyme@gmail.com) with the following information:
•Name: ___
•Item name: ___
•Contact No: ___
• Mode of collection
•(a)Meet-up at - BEDOK
•(b)normal posting additional *$1.50/-* registered additional *$3.50/-*
• Mode of payment
•(a) Cash ( when meet up)
•(b) Bank Transfer POSB - SAVINGS ACCOUNT

• WILL NOT be liable for lost mails.
• PULLING OUT after confirmation of orders will be deemed as blacklisted.
•Please make your necessary money transfers asap.(within 24 hrs after we send in our invoice)
•Reservation will only lasts for a week, after that your reserved item will be open to all.
•Whether or not you confirmed with your order, please let us know asap (MAIL US)

MAIL US AT redlyme@gmail.com